Providing Quality Care in Wayne and Pike Counties

Now that the school year has begun for our patients, the office wanted to take the time to remind you about school absences and office policies regarding notes for school.  Please know that these are general rules and that each school district has specific policies regarding student absence for illness.

Minor illnesses (cough and cold without fever, etc) do not usually require absence from school.  Children are still able to attend with a cough and congestion.  Each school has guidelines about when students should stay home; it is important for you to communicate with the school nursing staff to ensure that you follow the appropriate protocols.

When we see a patient for an appointment in our office, our front desk staff will, upon request, print a standard letter stating that the patient was seen at a specific date/time.  Depending on your child’s diagnosis, it may or may not justify a medically excused absence from school.  This is a medical judgment and may not be appropriate for every sick visit.  We will NOT write notes if your child was not seen in our office.

We believe that school attendance is very important and that all children should attend school on a regular basis.  If your child is missing a lot of school, please contact us so that we can take care of any treatable physical or behavioral health condition that may be interfering with your child’s learning and school attendance.