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Infectious Disease

The Center for Disease Control is an excellent source of up to date information on infectious diseases and immunizations, including special considerations, recommendations and requirements for travelers and local or regional outbreaks of infectious diseases.

American Academy of Pediatrics

The American Academy of Pediatric is an authoritative source for most all kinds of information on infants , children and adolescents. This includes information about preventive and well child care;immunizations; diseases; medical conditions; behavioral, emotional, and parenting issues; AAP guidelines; professional and parenting resources including educational materials and advocacy.

Consumer Product Safety Commission

The Consumer Products Safety Commission is a site for information about product safety, recalls, and for reporting problems with specific items.

The Vaccine Education Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

The Vaccine Education Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia provides accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date information about childhood vaccines, and the diseases they prevent. The Center seeks to dispel some of the common misconceptions and misinformation surrounding childhood vaccines by communicating the facts about each vaccine as well as how vaccines are made, how and why vaccines work, who recommends them, whether they are safe, whether they are still necessary, and when they should be given.

The following links are excellent resources for all kinds of questions about breastfeeding.

Quackwatch, Inc.

is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to combat health-related frauds, myths, fads, fallacies, and misconduct. Its primary focus is on quackery-related information that is difficult or impossible to get elsewhere. Activities include:

  • Investigating questionable claims
  • Answering inquiries about products and services
  • Advising quackery victims
  • Distributing reliable publications
  • Debunking pseudoscientific claims
  • Reporting illegal marketing
  • Assisting or generating consumer-protection lawsuits
  • Improving the quality of health information on the Internet
  • Attacking misleading advertising on the Internet

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