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Medical Home

Our practice has partnered with the PA Medical Home Initiative in an effort to model a certified Medical Home.  A Medical Home is a comprehensive approach to healthcare with the emphasis on the partnership between families and pediatric clinicians providing accessible care to children with special healthcare needs. It is a partnership that provides continuous care to the child, empowers families to make decisions, and enables the healthcare providers to learn from each experience to help better serve patients. To learn more about this concept visit or read about The Medical Home Project.

Parents and caregivers social network

This website also provides parents with the opportunity to network with other families throughout the state of Pennsylvania who have children with similar special healthcare needs. Go to where you will find a number of parent/caregiver resources including social media networking. If you have questions regarding the Medical Home concept you may contact our Medical Home Coordinator, Allyson Pretty-Hopkins, at 570-862-9526 or e-mail at