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Is your phone ICE-d?  We hope it’s not frozen in water.

Do you have an “in case of emergency” contact in your phone?  You should.  If the worst should happen and you were unable to answer questions, who should a first responder or ER contact?  In your contact list, your ICE should be listed by their name and then list the letters ICE as one of the nicknames.  Your teen should also have your contact info listed as their ICE.

Many smart phones also have the ability to keep your medical information available, even if your phone is locked.  From the lock screen on an iPhone (where you would type in your unlock code), you may notice an “emergency” button in the lower left corner of the screen.  This is the button that someone can press and find out your information if you are not able to respond.  You can manage the information in this tab using the “health” app that comes standard with every iPhone.  You can add your medical information, what medications you take, what you are allergic to, who to contact in case of emergency, and even your blood type.