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Being a parent is never an easy job. You never know if you are making the right choices. Are they watching too much television? Are they eating too many sweets? What about those friends? The answers are rarely simple.

So, if those questions make you a little anxious, what if you were 60 years old, having raised your kids and suddenly tasked with the roll of not just grandparent, but parent? Talk about the drop off on a giant roller coaster! There have been so many changes in the way we raise our children now versus how we were raised. All too often, I even find myself saying, “If I had done that when I was a kid” or “If my mother heard me say that”… It’s different. Being a parent in 2017 is just different.

When I learned about the growing phenomenon of grandparents raising grandchildren, I realized how tricky a balancing act these families are facing. It was then I started paying close attention to the growing need in our area for support and guidance for these families. Born of an idea from the Special Kids Network, I set out to meet the need. With an army of
information, I collected a group of families and aimed to support them in whatever capacity I could. I’ve met some truly remarkable grandparents and made some wonderful friendships. But, more importantly, they have been given a safe place to talk about their frustrations without fear of judgement, gather information to feel confident at those school IEP
meetings and confidence when talking to their grandchild’s doctor. Whatever the need, we do our best in Grand Love fashion, to have it met.

We conduct our meetings every other Thursday evening from 6pm-7pm in the David Katz Conference Center at Wayne Memorial Hospital in Honesdale. Our next Grand Love meeting will be Thursday, April 6th. At most meetings, child
care is available, as well as refreshments. For more information, please contact me at 570-862-9526 or at any of our office locations. I’ll leave you with this closing thought. A grandmother expressed her appreciation for the group when she said, “You know, I know a lot of women with 5 year old children. But, I don’t know a lot of 60 year old women with 5 year old children”.
Allyson Pretty-Hopkins
Medical Home Care Coordinator
Pediatric Practices of NePa
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