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Recently, you may have heard about a recall of eggs due to contamination.  Many different lot numbers and stores have been affected by this recall – you may wonder if you are one of the consumers who bought some of them.  To check the lot numbers affected, go here.

  • What kind of symptoms should we be looking out for?
    • Most people have mild diarrhea, may feel sick to their stomach, have a fever, and complain of stomach cramping.
  • Should he/she be seen in the office?
    • In most instances, people who get Salmonella are ill for a few days and get better on their own.
  • What kind of treatment does my child need?
    • Most of the time, just symptomatic care.  Make sure that your child is drinking plenty of fluids, such as electrolyte replacement solutions (like Pedialyte or Gatorade), clear broth (like chicken or beef broth), or flat ginger ale.
  • Does my child need to go to the hospital?
    • Probably not.  However, if they are showing signs of dehydration (like dry lips, crying without tear production, or no urine output in an 8 hour period), they may need some extra care.


If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to call your primary office.