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The last few days have brought frigid temperatures to our area, and the forecast for the next few days does not seem to indicate a warm-up any time soon.  And with the holiday break from school fast approaching, it’s important to know what steps to take to make sure your child is protected when going outside.

  • Layers are the best way to protect against the cold.  Dress your child (and yourself) in several thin layers, and make sure to add a hat, mittens, and warm socks in winter boots.
  • If any layers get wet, remove them immediately.  Cover the wet/cold area with warm blankets and have something warm to drink.  If there is numbness or tingling, the child should be seen by a doctor urgently.
  • Set time limits for outside play when it is cold outside.  Children and adults should take time inside at least once and hour and watch for cold on body parts that are easily exposed to cold and wind, like ears, noses, and fingers.

Skating, skiing and snowboarding are fun activities for families to do together, but everyone should follow the rules of the facility.  Children should be well supervised by an adult; it is also a good idea to attend a “ski school” or something similar specific for children.  Most facilities require that winter sports participants wear a helmet, and additional protection (like knee pads, elbow pads, and goggles) are highly recommended.

Did you know that you can still get a sunburn in the winter?  It’s true, and much more likely because most people do not apply sunscreen, and the sun’s rays can reflect up off the snow.  If you are going to be outside during daytime hours, you should apply SPF 30 or higher to any areas not covered.

Stay safe and enjoy the holidays!