Providing Quality Care in Wayne and Pike Counties


Pediatric Practices of NE PA (PPNP) is a general pediatric practice located in the rural region of Northeast Pennsylvania north and east of Interstate Highways 81 & 84


Physician's Assistant

Nurse Practitioners

We currently serve over 13,000 active patients in four offices located in Wayne and Pike counties. PPNP provides not only routine outpatient pediatric care, but also provides office consultations for more complex, chronically ill children. Routine admissions are taken care of by a full time pediatric hospitalist located in Scranton or Wilkes Barre.

PPNP was formed in 1976
when Dr. Alan Kohrt came to Tafton to fulfill his commitment to the National Health Service Corp. Soon thereafter a second office was opened in Honesdale next to Wayne Memorial Hospital. Subsequently satellite offices opened in Carbondale (1979), Hamlin (1984), and Milford (1992). “If you build it, they will come” seemed to be the PPNP motto for a while as Drs. Robert Morton (1984), Paul Diamond (1990), Theresa LaFranco (1994) Basya Marcus (2011), and Meredith Hellstern (2013) joined PPNP. The support staff has grown to over 40 people and offices now operate full time Monday through Friday at all of our practice sites. Honesdale remains the hub of PPNP and sees patients by appointment 6 days per week as well as Sundays and evening “walk in ” hours for acute visits.

By 1990
we had outgrown the original Honesdale office and subsequently moved to the present 4000+ square foot location about 1 mile from Wayne Memorial Hospital. In 1993 The Carbondale office moved from a building adjacent to Carbondale General Hospital to a building across from Carbondale High School and in 2007 relocated once more to a new office in nearby Waymart. In 1998 the Hamlin and Tafton practices were combined and moved into a 5000+ square foot building in Sterling Township.

PPNP has been computerized since 1988
for scheduling and billing services and since that time all offices have been linked “live”. Electronic Claims are state of the art and improve office efficiency. Computerized scheduling is an important feature for staff and patients. It improves our ability to find available appointments and allows parents to schedule new or follow-up appointments at any of our offices regardless of which office they are being seen. Many of our managed care referrals are now done directly through the Internet. In 2012 we changed over from paper charting to electronic records. Knowing that more complete and accurate information improves care, if needed your child’s health records can be viewed by a provider in any office and physicians can access the office computer from their home computers. Facsimile machines in all offices speed the communication of information between offices and/ or the hospital. Wayne Memorial Hospital radiology services are now digital allowing all offices to access and view X-rays from our office. Online we can also access lab results from Wayne Memorial Hospital and view Geisinger providers’ notes and lab reports on our patients.

In March of 2014 we added “portal access” to our patient’s charts which allows parents and guardians to access their child’s record from their home computer or smart phone. If you would like to gain access to your children’s chart, please call any of our offices for further information.

Although a rare event, all our offices have medication and equipment to stabilize and begin treatment for children with life threatening emergencies. Pulse oximetry is available in the offices as well as strep tests,urinalysis and throat cultures. In the office we have the ability to suture or glue simple lacerations, do minor surgical procedures using local anesthesia, and apply fiberglass splints for uncomplicated sprains and simple fractures. Pediatric Practices of NE PA is committed to providing the highest quality possible in pediatric care.

The world has changed tremendously in the last 20 years. Advances in immunizations, office testing and medical equipment suitable for home use has decreased the overall need for hospital admissions. Nurse Practitioners Janet Eisele (Waymart), Lee DeFazio (Honesdale/Sterling), Patti Howell (Honesdale), along with Physician Assistant Stephen Cahoon (Milford/Honesdale/Sterling) are now an integral part of our organization and essential members of our provider team. They provide competent, personable, and professional pediatric care and help us meet the increasing need for timely appointments and convenient hours while expanding the choices of primary care pediatric providers so every patient has a provider that they can reach and relate to.

Looking into the future you will see more positive changes. As of July 2010 our group discontinued newborn nursery coverage at Wayne Memorial Hospital and increased office hours to better meet the demand for outpatient services. Not covering the nursery also allows us to run more on time by eliminating interruptions and last minute cancellations due to emergency deliveries and C-sections.


Always committed to improving care
in 2010 our practice joined the Medical Home Initiative, working towards becoming a Certified Medical Home. A Medical Home is a comprehensive approach to healthcare with the emphasis on the partnership between families, children with special healthcare needs, and pediatric clinicians. It is a partnership that enhances continuity, empowers families to make better decisions, and enables our practice to better serve patients. One of the first projects implemented by our Medical Home team was a “Parent Partner Group” or parent advisory board. They are the voice of the families, a resource to other parents in need, and help ensure that our services target the needs of families. To learn more about this concept visit

How you can help us take better care of your child

As part of your child’s healthcare team, we rely on you to keep us updated on any changes.
Here are some ideas on how you can help the practice stay informed.


Any time there is a change in your phone number, address, insurance or family circumstances, the practice should be made aware. With correct information on file, we are able to contact you regarding appointments and avoid delays in billing your insurance.

Keep your appointments and arrive on time

This allows the providers to give full attention to your child and is courteous to other patients and their families.

Updates on medications/allergies

Tell the nurse and your provider about all the medications your child is taking, even if it’s over the counter. Having a current list of medications and any allergies ensures your child’s safety when medications are being prescribed.

Changes in medical history

Sometimes there have been developments in your child’s medical history or the family history that we should know about. Having accurate information on your child’s record will allow your child’s provider to have a complete history when developing an appropriate treatment plan.